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Banji Design

Gold Crocodile Cuff Bracelet

Gold Crocodile Cuff Bracelet

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Thick cuff bracelet with 925 sterling silver crocodile figure on sanded stingray skin - shagreen.

Banji Design introduces a new dimension to jewelry design by utilizing shagreened leather. 

Shagreen is a material historically preferred by elite classes such as royal families and samurais, symbolizing luck, wealth, power, and virtue. Additionally, due to its durability, flexibility, and waterproof properties, it stands out as a long-lasting and practical material in jewelry designs. The unique pearl mosaic pattern and color of each  leather make the product it is used in truly distinctive.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional and functional uses of shagreen in Asian cultures, Banji Design blends it with modern and elegant designs.

About Our Products

All our products are meticulously designed and crafted by our artisans in our workshop for you. Therefore, each product in our range can be specially tailored according to its design, materials, and dimensions.

  • You can polish our silver-plated products with a dry cloth.
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