About Us


At Banji Design, we celebrate the profound power of connection and the enduring beauty that blossoms when artistry harmonizes with nature.

Our brand finds its inspiration in the heart of Japanese culture, where 'Banji' signifies 'connecting.' This concept lies at the core of our collections, each piece meticulously crafted with sculptor precision.

Our goal is to transform tales, symbols, myths, and elements of the nature into wearable art, reflecting the timeless essence of our brand. 


Every item is individually handcrafted to perfection, ensuring unique quality for each piece.

In our silver collection, we use 925 sterling silver and 14k gold plating with rhodium finishing, natural stones and natural pearls.

In our bronze collection, we use the finest 18k gold plated Italian bronze,adorned with natural zircon stones, enamel and natural gemstones.

In Banji Design fine jewellery collection, we use 22k/24k gold, precious gems and natural stones in our products.